Dr. Farshid Memariani

(Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)

About Me


My biography and academic research:

I work in the field of botany and plant ecology, with a focus on plant taxonomy, flora and vegetation of Khorassan, and conservation biogeography. One component of my research focuses on the taxonomy of monocotyledons especially grasses (Poaceae). My work with the plant biodiversity of Khorassan (east and northeast of Iran) has taken me into other fields, including vegetation ecology, conservation biogeography, and ecology of plant species, especially endemic flora of Iran. Currently, I work with my colleagues on preparing an updated checklist of vascular plants of Khorassan and biogeographical analysis of the area including plant endemism, chorology and mapping distribution patterns of plants, prioritizing the rare and endemic flora through IUCN Red Listing, prioritizing conservation areas, and plant diversity hotspots. In an extensive worldwide project to develop a global checklist of gypsophytes (GYPWORLD), I also focused on edaphic endemism in the flora of Iran, especially in Semnan and Khorassan provinces.