Dr. Abbas Aghdassi

(Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)
  • History and Civilization of Muslim Nations
  • Theology
  • Scimet

About Me

Abbas Aghdassi serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of History and Civilization of Muslim Societies. Formerly, he was the Director of Studies, FUM College Language Center (FUMC-LC), and the Assistant Director to the FUM Press (FUMP). He teaches courses on Methodologies in Islamic Studies, Contemporary Muslim World (Middle East & North Africa), and Islamic studies and/in the West. Some of his publications are Islām va Musalmānān dar Birītānīyā (MIU, 2015), Persian Academic Reading (Routledge, 2018), Tashayyuʻ dar Āmrīkā (Kavīr, 2020), Perspectives on Academic Persian (Springer, 2021), and New Methods in the Study of Islam (Edinburgh UP, 2022), co-edited with Aaron W. Hughes. Abbas is the managing editor for Tārīkh va Farhang, a journal in Persian on pre-Safavid Iran and Islam. He is the founding co-editor for Advances in the Study of Islam (Edinburgh University Press), a book series on cutting-edge research in Islamic studies. He has recently started to curate a page with Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO): Spotlight in Iranian and Persian Studies. He is also the founding co-EiC for the Journal of Religious Studies under Muslim Rule (Brill). His fields of interest include methods in Islamic studies, Muslim minorities (and their relations with non-Muslims), academic Persian, bibliography and bibliometrics, (humanizing) Orientalism, and socio-historical study of Greater Khorasan.