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A personalized content caching strategy at the network edge: deep learning and recommender system based approach

Farzad Mehrabi
M.Sc. | 2024-02-19

A novel intrusion detection system utilizing ensemble deep learning techniques and enhanced multi-objective optimization methodology focusing on ddos attacks

Mahdi fahem abbas Najafi
M.Sc. | 2024-01-29

Short-term prediction of residential home load using deep learning in smart power grid

Masoumeh Rafiei charami
M.Sc. | 2023-09-22

Proposing an efficient approach for uav deployment and trajectory in cellular networks

Mohammadjavad Sobouti
Ph.D | 2023-09-21

Improving power consumption and lifetime in wireless sensor networks with knn algorithm, fuzzy inference system and golomb rice compression

Shaymaa Sabzi
M.Sc. | 2023-09-21

Cooperative accident prediction in the vehicular network, an edge-based machine learning approach

Hazhir Salari
M.Sc. | 2023-09-20

Presenting a multi-keyword query method on encrypted cloud data using deep learning

Zeinab Ataei
M.Sc. | 2023-09-20

Fraud or anomaly detection in blockchain by transfer learning

Samaneh Pahlavani
M.Sc. | 2023-03-16

Data aggregation in wireless sensor networks using dingo optimizer algorithm

Esraa mohssin ward Ward
M.Sc. | 2023-02-25

Machine learning based ddos attack detection in iov

Zahra Janfada
M.Sc. | 2023-02-25

Adaptive caching approach for software-defined internet of things based on distributed learning

Samane Sharif
Ph.D | 2023-02-14

Classification of network traffic using improved extreme learning machine and deep learning

Majida khudhair Abed
M.Sc. | 2022-10-03

A distributed firewall based on software defined network (sdn) aware of network topology, flows, and active services

Mojtaba Ghasemzadeh
M.Sc. | 2022-09-22

An improving resource management based on mapping of virtual machines in software-defined networking

Mohammad amin Soltani
Ph.D | 2022-03-15

Joint power & subcarrier management in cellular d2d 5g networks by pso & epso

Mohammad hadi Ziyaee amiri
M.Sc. | 2021-10-20

Intrusion detection using reinforcement learning based on weighted features

Ali Al gharawi
M.Sc. | 2021-10-20

An energy efficient clustering algorithm based on red deer optimization algorithm in wireless sensor network

Mohammed Abdulameer
M.Sc. | 2021-10-20

A security and privacy aware computing approach on data sharing in cloud environment

Mustafa azeez khalaf Al-mayyahi
M.Sc. | 2021-09-12

Authentication and privacy-preserving protocol in internet of vehicles (iov)

Ahmed Alkalkali
M.Sc. | 2021-09-12

An sdn-based offloading policy to reduce the delay in fog-vehicular networks

Alla abbas khadir Khadir
Ph.D | 2021-05-18

Energy optimization in cellular networks using clustering based cso

Seyyed mohsen Safavi koohsareh
Ph.D | 2021-04-18

A method for event reconstruction in digital forensic investigation

Somayeh Soltani
Ph.D | 2021-03-16

Dynamic controllers placement in software-defined networks to reduce implementation costs and increase survivability using heuristic algorithm

Ali Abdi
Ph.D | 2021-03-13

Fbguard: a liteweight scalable distributed firewall on dos/ddos attacks in sdn

Hossein Poursaman
M.Sc. | 2021-02-14

Optimal design of access points in the fiber optic network using optimization methods

Mahdi Alnasrawi
M.Sc. | 2021-01-30

Information dissemination in vanet using clustering and multi-objective rebroadcasting

Semiramis Forouzanfar
M.Sc. | 2020-10-21

A sdn-based trust management and resource allocation mechanism for fog-assisted iot environment

Nawar Jumaah
M.Sc. | 2020-10-12

Sdn based resource management of coudlet network in cellular network

Shirzad Shahryari
Ph.D | 2020-09-22

Identifying and preventing membership inference attack in machine learning models

Ala Ekramifard
Ph.D | 2020-08-05

Intrusion detection system in software defined networks using deep neural networks

Somayeh Jafari horestani
M.Sc. | 2020-05-17

Detect anomalies in the iot with using autoencoder neural networks

Ahmad fahim Maqsodi
M.Sc. | 2020-02-19

A secure and energy efficient scheduling algorithm for iot to balance energy using sdn

Ali Abdullah
M.Sc. | 2020-02-17

Priority-based adaptive scheduling for delay sensitive traffic in internet of things

Fatemeh Banaie heravan
Ph.D | 2019-07-25

A pso-based sensor selection method in iot environment

Abbas fadhil majood Majood
M.Sc. | 2019-01-26

An sdn-based traffic load balancing approach for rpl routing protocol in the internet of things

Hyder kareem amer Alrikabi
M.Sc. | 2019-01-19

Inter-vehicle routing to transmit message in vehicular ad hoc network based on software defined networking and fog computing

Naserali Noorani
M.Sc. | 2019-01-13

An energy-efficient data gathering via multiple uavs in deadline-based wsn applications

ََalaa Albu-salih
Ph.D | 2018-12-29

A hybrid multi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm for scientific workflow scheduling

Hasan hadi saleh Saleh
M.Sc. | 2018-12-05

Multicast routing with minimum cost for sdn based vehicular networks

Ahmed Kadhim
Ph.D | 2018-11-21

A scalable and secure attribute-based access control method with efficient revocation in internet of things

Safaa majed fakhry Al sherifi
M.Sc. | 2018-09-22

Optimized energy management at smart home considering the increase consumer convenience and priority

Ali reza Nazari
M.Sc. | 2018-09-22

A group authentication protocol on multilayer structure for privacy-preserving iot environment

Maytham azhar baqer Al jabban
M.Sc. | 2018-09-18

Controlling the execution of commands based on the interdependency of sensors

Serar mahmood kadhim Al abdaly
M.Sc. | 2018-09-18

Surveillance traffic efficient collecting for wireless mesh software defined networks

Nemat allah Biabani
M.Sc. | 2018-05-15

Efficient routing algorithm for wsn

Doua Furajy
M.Sc. | 2018-02-07

A cooperation of fog computing and smart gateways in a secure and efficient architecture for iot-based smart homes

Sahar Al shammari
M.Sc. | 2018-01-31

Woa (whale optimization algorithm) – based multipath routing in wireless sensor network

Yaarob Abdullah
M.Sc. | 2017-12-19

A multihop energy-efficient thermal-aware routing protocol

Tahereh Saadat
M.Sc. | 2017-09-20

Bandwidth optimization in multicast video streaming over sdn

Mohammad Ebrahim pour
M.Sc. | 2017-09-20

Prediction of dumb node data in sensor cloud network

Seyedehfatemeh Seyedmousavi
M.Sc. | 2017-09-20

Android malware detection based on refinement of static features

Maryam Nezhadkamali
M.Sc. | 2017-09-18

Optimization and reliability in routing of mobile wireless networks using sine cosine algorithm

Hydar jabar sabat Ahily
M.Sc. | 2017-09-05

Centralized data congestion control strategy for vehicular ad hoc networks using optimization approach

Abbas mohammed luaibi Aljaber
M.Sc. | 2017-09-02

Sms security by elliptic curve and chaotic encryption algorithms

Abbas mones faraj Thajeel
M.Sc. | 2017-08-15

Cluster based routing by using moth-flame optimization algorithm

Ahmed Alsuhaib
M.Sc. | 2017-06-25

Appropriate replica allocation with an incentive mechanism for cooperative data replication in manets-a game theoretica and credit based approach.

Navid Sedigh
M.Sc. | 2017-02-18

Voip qos provisioning in wireless networks using call admission control

Gesoon Alabbas
M.Sc. | 2016-10-17

Energy efficient spectroscopy cooperative algorithm based on priority in cognitive radio networks

Hamed Sadeghi
M.Sc. | 2016-09-21

Bandwidth optimization in voip connections

Hossein Rafiey
M.Sc. | 2016-09-21

A framework for organizational adoption factors of the enterprise social networks

Arezoo Naji
M.Sc. | 2016-09-16

Rich internet application crawling improvement using risk model

Mohammad Jafarnezhadghomi
M.Sc. | 2016-08-28

Traffic-aware virtual sensor placement and migration in sensor-cloud networks

Farahnaz Farazestanian
M.Sc. | 2015-09-15

Virtual sensor management in sensor-cloud networks

Atefeh Alizadeh
M.Sc. | 2015-09-15

Incentive mechanism for cooperative data replication in manets using game theoretic approach

Alireza Tajalli
M.Sc. | 2014-10-07

Wormhole attack prevention algorithm in cluster base protocols

Masouma Heidari
M.Sc. | 2014-06-03